The white box by Di Gregorio+Matz

“A cow’s muzzle” is how architects define them layout designed to convert a former building with historical elements into an apartment/studio for a young couple. Such a irony of fate, the house is in Lasagnana, dipped into mellow Val di Parma, from windows we can see chickens or grass as far as the eye  can see. Country house has two floors and it’s made with clear stone, a structure that is the skin inside and outside the building. From regular distanced windows to thin columns until lower barrel vault, a big white void guarantee cohesion through the space, and it’s clear than any new rooms will interrupt it.

Native architect Francesco Di Gregorio and swedish Karin Matz choose integrate existing open space with a white box enterely covered with white tiles 10x10cm and equipped as a bathroom. Inside the box there are toilet facilities/cow’s eyes, outside there are sink and shower/cow’s nose. Other space are emphasized by open shelving systems and curtains on steel wires, along columns axis: night zone, living zone and in the middle home office zone. Kitchen is under construction in a dedicated room. As loft from industrial spaces, floor is made with grey concrete, slightly separated from other elements of construction. The minimal building renovation has radically changed space perception, rewriting the volumes equilibrium and making possible and new way of living in a rural context.

Photos by Francesco Di Gregorio (via)

Concrete at home: Casa Larrain by Patricia Pug

Large rooms, no finishes, some wood pieces. And Pacific ocean who enter the house from big squared windows, with fresh air and light. This is what we can call genuine southamerican architecture, the triumph of raw project language. Patricia Puga is the brilliant architect who played with volumes and upside down a simple house-shape to create the first floor. This is the home for her family in Bahia Azul, a simple idea to create some covered external space without adding structures. Interior had the same treatment of the exterior and gained the same beauty. Materials are only beton brut, as Le Corbusier called it, and stone. The most interesting room is the kitchen,  a wonderful place to sharing and stay together around the big wood table. Cantilever cooking area is a design raw piece, opposite there are the open storage area. In this context also a grandmother’s classic piece conquests its place and seems to be the most beautiful object in the perfect corner. Excepted the seascape.

Images: Jaffer Kolb via Newarchitects; Girls are also architects.

Bar charts by NOV’82

Economy and statistic are a part of our daily experience while we’re reading the news. Histograms are the primordial representation of economic and statistic concepts, this could be the reason because N’82 Architecture studio choose them to visually introduce the office of young econometrics Gibbs in Rotterdam.

The point of departure was a simple open space, not too big and not too bright. The design divides the space into two different zones: a workspace that can accommodate eight workstations and a long table that can be used for meetings, presentations and lunches; the separation element is an open cabinet. Scaffolding wood is the unique material used to realize different shelves shaped as a bar chart, “higher values” go upon the ceiling.

The representation of an econometrics work symbol as a furniture piece make easy recognizable the office activity: shelvings are burden with an ironic meaning, a reminiscence of the iconic use of signs shop and oversized elements made by Bob Venturi. In his research he invited architects to use ordinary objects (as wood scaffolding) in a complex and contradictorily way to gain whole unity.

At the same time, N’82 intervention is a simple effort to materialize data flux as Asymptote did in the articulate proposal for the Advanced Command Center nel New York Stock Exchange: architecture is conceived as a physical analog to the movement and continuous flow of information throughout the space.

In a clearer way, this project speaks itself and specify to us a basic of a subject distant from concreteness but close to reality.

Plans via NOV’82, photos found on Architizer

No distraction in “The future”

Can’t wait to see new Miranda July movie “The future”.
This is a classic but charming set for a cutted scene, “A Handy Tip For The Easily Distracted” (here the video). We take notes :-)

raw furniture

I’m fascinated about the raw storage system seen at Rebecca Lamarche house in Berlin, a modular composition based on natural wood planks and holed concrete blocks painted white. Colours combination is scandinavian while materials are stolen from contruction industry, this is a poetic way to forget about standard ikea furniture. But there’s more, the fine aesthetic of light visual impact goes togethers with breaking strenght and generates a raw but genuine personal design.

Via Freunde vo freunden, photos by Philipp Langenheim

Simple rigour: Unis store in LA

Many fashion designers are men devoted to womenswear and it sounds normal they can’t wear most of their production. The opposite is quite strange but exits. Unis is the menswear brand of a female designer, Eunice Lee. After the first shop in NYC, she opened another one in LA, at first both were a “testing ground” of what sells and what doesn’t.
Retail shop has the important role to trasmit the label spirit at the first sight. LA Shop is featuring few vintage industrial elements with raw wood shelving in a sundrenched white triumph. The shop atmosphere reflects the clothes style: rigorous, smart, simple and contemporary with a charming touch that come from a woman’s mind.

Photography by Andy J Scott, via OEN

Learning and relaxing: la Classe

An old vilage school converted in a rustic but luxury group accomodation, in the countryside of Belgium. La Classe was born by an idea of architectural photographers Anne and Jean-Luc Laloux under the influence of many stilish places potographed around the world. The rural building hosts classes, living room with open kitchen, cinema and some rooms. Prevailing colour is a warm shade of dark grey that matches well with “pierre blue” stone, salvaged wood and modern seats. Outside, a lovely modern garden completes the idea of a nice place to retirement.



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