About a DIY sheets brise-soleil

If I were pick one thing only to judge the satisfactory of an architecture, it should be the wideness of windows without any doubt. The bigger is the better, light comes inside and change the face of less then perfect arrangements and growing the quality of the dweller’s life.

For few months a year, al least at this latitude, the second synonym of light after “hot as hell” is dazzling.

Austin Kotting realized Impromptu, an 8 dollars installation with copy paper, in 28 working hours and he naturally cooled the room hosting Arts festival of Cleveland.

Sheets of paper hang from from equidistant threads, they overlap like scales thanks to clips and staples place on the diagonal corners. Plan surfaces become curves and inflect the light, control the shadow and repeat the process for every module. The final result is a pattern enriched of shades, seen from the inside is a design element for a bare room, than seen from the outside is a concrete example of creativity enforcing the advertising panels below.

The sheets barrier doesn’t stop the light but filter the sun and guarantee natural cooling in the room. Impromptu is further dismountable, reusable, foldable, recyclable as a real ecologic design might be. Because of material it not last for long but cheap means enable the light to serve the human body comfort and giving good mood as the science demonstrated. At least when it depends from the wheather.