At Showroom Albert Reichmuth in Zurich, product speak by itself. The product at issue is wine as well as wine culture, a world rich in tradition and values, where materials have them place during ageing. “La Galerie du vin” is a wine shop, a tasting room and seminar venue.  Interior design created by Oss Architecture is a landscape of wine cases and bottles as in a gallery or a cellar.

Wooden cases from Bordeaux region cover the entire room up to the ceiling, arranged in a grid pattern they are architectural elements and modular furniture. The composition saturate the entire room with empty and full units.  Lights are integrated with the staging, black cylinders are like minimal bottles suspended or jammed into ceiling.

In the middle of the shop, there is a reception counter, this area for wine consultation is remarked by wine colour, a shade of purple and ruby that contrast well with crates. Arrangment is well visible out from the frontshop, it give a sense of variety and streightness at the same time, the same features of wine itself.

Photos by Christine Muller