Street seats

Street Seats is a furniture project developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Pier 94 Coffee Bar at The Armory Show. The 50 chairs, found abandoned on the streets of New York, were repaired and given a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow paint.
Like the city’s residents, the chairs are an eclectic mix, migrating throughout the fair during its five-day run. The bottom of each chair is stamped and documented with the date and location it was recovered.

(Fuori)Salone Milano – Ventura Lambrate

A-joint by Henry Wilson – Framed, newspapers wood by Breg Hanssen with Vij5

Fan Table by Mauricio Affonso  – NSEPS bySILO StudioNSEPS by Silo Studio Attua Aparicio & Oscar Wanless – Lasso by Gaspard Tiné-Berès RCA –  Another Icarus by Tracy Tubb

The Polyfloss Factory by Nick Paget Emile De Visscher Christophe Machet Audrey Gaulard

From here to here – Pencils by Ariane Prin RCA. Nice (but expensive) pencils made with wood dust

Few shoots of the most interesting metropolitan area of the furniture fair in Milan, Ventura Lambrate district. I shoot many of them at Royal College of Art exihibition, this year they choose an awful former school and mounted a very poor set of coloured aceates :(. I had difficulty telling prototypes from garbage or sloppiness. But true design found me in the end :)

More photos on the flickr album

MOST (Fuori) Salone Milan

I made peace with Milano design week few years ago, when I discover the Salone Satellite and the student’s work exhibitions. Since then, every edition is always the perfect occasion to enter stunning locations free and finding interesting projects. And I forgot the boring fair made of predictable pieces of expensive furniture.

This year I hadn’t enough time to visit Salone Satellite due to a lack of time (spring has come with a new geek job for me and I love it :). I pick two location and explore them on a sunny saturday.

First, I went round MOST (Museum Of Science and Techology Leonardo Da Vinci), a group show curated by Tom Dixon. The complex is amazing and host nice big finds: an historical building with a beautiful sundrenched cloister and labs, an old factory for trains, another one for old ships and a courtyard with a real submarine. It seems perfect for young boys.

Tom Dixon took part of the show too, in his defence I appreciated the real time laser cutting of selected pieces, those loud punch machine made a sort of industrial music (eh). On the opposite side of the train depot, a nice selection of pop furniture made by La Chance (I love the violet cover of the paper catalogue!).

My favourite part of the show was La Cura, the Faye Toogood performance for Nivea. Photographs weren’t allowed, but I enjoyed a small chocolate cream by Arabeschi di Latte while modelling a little ball of clay. Lovely smell in a neoclassical set :)

Many emerging designer exposed and sell their products on the big terraces, I discovered the beauty of Objecten and have fun in a panoramic open air sophisticated market.

A selection of my photos here, more on Small Images album 

Tom Dixon laser cutting pieces, making of in the train depot.

La chance

Musicbox by Weiner Aisslinger, Rewash lamps

Fabrica for Promosedia, Bludot, Twist lamp by Alain Berteau

Custhom, Simona Delfino
Matt ring by Sylvain Willenz

Because shopping online is lonely: Kristina records shop in Dalton, London

Till few years ago, record stores was closing and physical discs were a retro souvenir of youth. What people don’t seem to realize is that now there’s a growing community of independent record stores out there. Shop are smaller, totally curated and more focused on “style” than the golden years. Furthermore the sales 

men don’t need to gain loads of money, like real entrepreneurs they’re concentrate efforts on make a solid customers base. 

Matador Records’ve started a blog column called “Get to know your local indie retailers” to featuring nice interviews to those crazy music lovers became shopmen. 

Instead recommending a visit, I pick the one who considered interior design as a part of the “totally curated” subject. Kristina Records (yes, it’s a solitary online shop :-) opened in june 2011in Dalston, London, a part of the city where good indie bands grow (Comet Gain and Veronica Falls, this is my choice)

Jack Rollo & Co sell only vinyl, both new and seconhand. They’re stored in recycled wood castor boxes, a tidy and elegant solution if you don’t have to show plenty of discs. 

Music genre spaces out from post punk to techno, a good selection decorates walls with scandinavian wood. I love seeing a bit of those warm walls, like a collection of family portrait paintings, the renaissance of indie music store keep on the memories of our life one cover after another. 


Inside music architecture

An adv campaign for Berliner Philharmoniker photographes the soundboxes as empty rooms.

At the first sight they could seem large halls illuminated by light cascades or visionary rendering of scandinavian architecture but we’re in the belly of the music.  Here form follows the function, every bend helps air vibration and works with material and human touch to produce specifical sounds.

The couple “inside music-inside musical instrument” is an easy target but photos do the harder job to show emotion and perfection of music.

Concept, art direction, copy by Mona Sibai and Bjorn Ewers – Scholz & Friends Berlin, photos by Mierswa Kluska

Via Behance

Impromptu, paper against the sun

About a DIY sheets brise-soleil

If I were pick one thing only to judge the satisfactory of an architecture, it should be the wideness of windows without any doubt. The bigger is the better, light comes inside and change the face of less then perfect arrangements and growing the quality of the dweller’s life.

For few months a year, al least at this latitude, the second synonym of light after “hot as hell” is dazzling.

Austin Kotting realized Impromptu, an 8 dollars installation with copy paper, in 28 working hours and he naturally cooled the room hosting Arts festival of Cleveland.

Sheets of paper hang from from equidistant threads, they overlap like scales thanks to clips and staples place on the diagonal corners. Plan surfaces become curves and inflect the light, control the shadow and repeat the process for every module. The final result is a pattern enriched of shades, seen from the inside is a design element for a bare room, than seen from the outside is a concrete example of creativity enforcing the advertising panels below.

The sheets barrier doesn’t stop the light but filter the sun and guarantee natural cooling in the room. Impromptu is further dismountable, reusable, foldable, recyclable as a real ecologic design might be. Because of material it not last for long but cheap means enable the light to serve the human body comfort and giving good mood as the science demonstrated. At least when it depends from the wheather.

This is my home: living in an ex store to meeting people

Outside a brightly lit display window in Manhattan, a man’s sitting and invites people to entry and explore his parlour of curiosities, the only warning is none of the items is on sale. What you thought was an antique shop is actually Anthony Pisano’s home, an elderly gentleman who dwelling here with a cat and a piano. He have transformed a strict commercial space in an informal gallery of his life collections just to meet people and talk with them.

For every trip and every place he saw during the last thirty-two years, he brought back something and the Manhattan collection was grown. People seem to be attracted by this memory shelter, someone choose to keep walking with earphones on, other times curiosity wins and somebody brings there other friends.

Kelsey Holtaway and Mark Cersosimo, founders of Departure | Arrival Films, made a short movie to let him tell the story and show us this place, thanks to Google street view I mark down this point here in East 7th street. Under the colored light, a range of souvenirs take place besides china cabinets, an aquarium and many portraits. Darkness increases the magical composition time set down, as well as the tales he speaks about.

Anthony uses his place in the city and human objects drawn to share moments and help coincidences to come true. A senior citizen of one of the most hardest city to survive in have found a way to be recognize and not be forget, doing the thing he cares most about life: talking to people, one-on-one, one a time.

There’s plenty it could be stolen but the only irreplaceable things for him are family and cat photos. Collections haven’t a value themselves, they’re just something people enjoy, a dive in a secret world where a single man could wait all the time on his stoop to store more and more of invisible good feelings.

Take few minutes and make your day by watching this video and stepping into Anthony’s home

Via Brainpicking, screenshots taken from the original video.


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